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    Fluid Mechanics Combined

    Fluid Mechanics Combined
    Fluid Mechanics Combined
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    Product Code : FMC001
    Product Description

    Bernoulli Metacentric Notches Weir Pitot Combine


    • Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus
    • Metacentric Height Apparatus
    • Notch Apparatus
    • Pitot Static Tube Apparatus

    Detailed Specifications (4-in-1 Experimental Setup)

    Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus

     The test section consists of a Venturi type section machined in clear acrylic. A series of wall tappings allow measurement of the static pressure distribution along the diverging-converging duct. The test section is  arranged so that the characteristics of flow through both a converging and diverging section can be studied. Water is fed through a hose connector and should be controlled by a flow regulator valve at the outlet of the test section.


    • Manometer Range :                    0-400 mm
    • Number of Manometric Tubes :    7
    • Length :                                    300 mm
    • Upstream size :              50 mm.
    • Throat diameter size :                20 mm.

    Metacentric Height Appratus

    This equipment allows a thorough understanding of the factors affecting the stability of a floating body. The equipment consists of an floating pontoon, the centre of gravity of which should be varied by an adjustable weight which slides and should be clamped in any position on a vertical mast. A single plumb-bob should be suspended from the mast which indicates the angle of heel on a calibrated scale. A weight with lateral adjustment allows the degree of heel to be varied and hence the stability of the pontoon determined.


    • Ship Model MOC : Clear Perspex
    • Length : 350 mm,
    • Width : 200 mm
    • Height : 475 mm (overall - including vertical mast)

    Flow measurement by Notches:

    The flow over weirs and notches should consists of three different types of weirs and notches such as 60┬░angle and a rectangular notch. The carrier may be moved along the channels to the required measurement position. A stilling baffle located into the slots in the walls of the channel promotes smooth flow conditions in the channel. The rectangular notch or V weir to be tested should be clamped to the weir carrier in the channel by thumb nuts.


    • Open Channel :                          250*200*750 mm
    • Angle of V Notch :                      60 & 45
    • Rectangular weir:                      50 mm wide slot
    • Trapezoidal Weir:                      1:4 Slope
    • Depth indicator:                         0-150 mm