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      Tilting Flume

      Tilting Flume
      Tilting Flume
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      Product Code : FD002
      Product Description

      Tilting Flume

      The tilting flume is designed to conduct various experiments at various bed slopes from  in upstream and down stream. The flume has a perspex window to visualize the flow over models fixed in flume. The flume is provided with gates on upstream & downstream side to control the flow. Students can thus conduct the experiments and also visualize the flow.  Various experiments like open channel flow study, specific energy curve, hydraulic jump, calibration of weirs, notches and venturi flume can be conducted.


      1. Flume - Cross section 250 wide x 300 mm. deep, length 5 meters, provided with sliding gates,

      One at upstream and one at downstream side & flow settling chamber at inlet. Screw

       Jack at down stream side to change slope of bed. Completely Transparent window for

      Visualization of flow.  Overall length of flume is about 5.5 mtrs.

      2. Notches -

      a) Rectangular notch with flume fitting fixture. (G.M.)

      B) 600 V notch with flume fitting fixture.

      C) Trapezoidal Notch.

      3. Weirs - 

      A) Sharp crested weir - 1 no.  

      B) Broad crested weir - 1 no.

      C) Ogee weir  - 1 no.

      4. Venturi flume.

      5. Experiment on Hydraulic jump.

      6. Trolley mounted point gauge for level measurement of water. Trolley can be traversed for whole length of flume.

      7. Orfice meter & differential manometer for measurement of flow or Suitable size Rotameter.

      8. 2 HP pump and sump tank for recirculating the water.

      9. A detailed technical manual accompanies the unit.

      Other optional accessories available on request : - Crump Weir; Culvert; Radial Gate; Parshall Flume; Plain Beach; Wave generator; Artificially Roughened Bed; Siphon Weir; Tradepaziodal Flume; Velocity meter; Energy Dissipation; Digital Level Gauge; Piers; Rake and many more.