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    Vortex Orifice Reynolds Combined Apparatus

    Vortex Orifice Reynolds Combined Apparatus
    Vortex Orifice Reynolds Combined Apparatus
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    Product Code : FMC003
    Product Description



    Detailed Specifications

    Free Forced Vortex:-

     This equipment is designed to produce and measure the characteristics of free and forced vortices. The apparatus comprises a clear acrylic cylinder on a plinth designed to produce and measure free and forced vortices. The free vortex is generated by water discharging through an interchangeable orifice in the base of the cylinder and the resulting profile is measured using a combined X-Y scale. The forced vortex is induced by a paddle in the base of the cylinder. The profile of the forced vortex is determined using a series of X-Y Probe.


    Tank Diameter :             250 mm

    Tank Height :                 280 mm

    Orifice Diameters :        8, 10 and 12 mm

    Measurement Probe :    Vertical and horizontal traveling pointer gauge

    Drive:                           180 W PMDC Motor


     Orifice and Mouthpiece

    This equipment permits calibration of orifices of differing diameters. In the orifice and free jet flow accessory a constant head tank will be fed with water from the common Sump. The orifice is installed at the base of the tank. The head will be maintained at constant value by an adjustable overflow pipe and will be indicated by a level scale. A jet trajectory tracing device allows the path followed by the jet to be ascertained.


     Orifice Diameters :        10;12 and 14 mm

    X-Y Probe 

    Mouthpiece                   12 mm Nos.1


    Reynold Apparatus

    This accessory should be intended to reproduce the classic experiments conducted by Professor Osborne Reynolds concerning the nature of laminar and turbulent flow. The equipment operates in a vertical (or Horizontal) mode. A header tank containing stilling media provides a constant head of water through a bell mouth entry to the flow visualization pipe. Flow through this pipe is be regulated using a control valve provided at the discharge end. The flow rate of water through the pipe should be measured using the measuring cylinder. Velocity of the water can therefore be determined to allow calculation of Reynolds’ number.

    The equipment uses a dye injection technique to enable observation of flow conditions.


    Test Pipe :                    Acrylic, 25 mm dia., 500 mm long

    Dye Reservoir :                         500 ml